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Sponsorships & Donations  

First Bank has provided a variety of Sponsorships and Donations for many years. As a local business serving the community for over 100 years, we participate with these projects to develop our brand recognition as well as to build relationships within the community. We continue to look for additional opportunities that will provide relationhip marketing, community involvement for our employees, and create a lasting positive impression within the Des Moines Metro area.

First Bank's Mission Statement: “It is our Mission to build lasting relationships by providing quality, personalized financial services to our customers and community as a locally owned business.”

First Bank supports events, organizations and programs that uphold our mission statement and meet the following business directives:

Develop and foster brand awareness
Develop and foster customer loyalty
Develop product and service sales
Preserve the quality of living in our community

Although we would like our support to be endless, funds are limited. Therefore we have developed criteria to limit the requests to those that we feel best support our directives and deliver favorable results whenever possible.

First Bank generally does not support the following organizations or events:

Organizations, or events outside the Des Moines Metro area
Political Parties, campaigns or candidates
Religious organizations
Social Organizations
Other programs that do not support our mission or objectives

Request for Support Process:
If you do not fall into one of the categories above, please provide your request as follows:

Provide a description of the proposed sponsorship/donation
Indicate how your sponsorship/donation supports our mission and/or objectives
Include amount requested
Community in which the sponsorship/donation will serve
Deadline for response
Artwork specifications when necessary (i.e. size, color, type of file)
Provide contact information including phone number and e-mail when available

You may complete our request form by clicking here.

Please forward all requests to:

Rick Messerschmidt
First Bank
5625 Mills Civic Parkway
West Des Moines IA 50266-5324
Phone 515-225-2641
Fax 515-225-8718