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Identity Theft Shield  

Identity theft can go way beyond credit cards and on-line shopping. Unlike the majority of identity theft plans available, Identity Theft ShieldSM will not simply send you a few forms or walk you through the steps of identity restoration. They're going to do most of the work for you!

Credit Report
Evaluate your current credit standing with:
• An up-to-date credit report through Experian at no added cost
• A personal credit score calculated by an independent scoring service
• A detailed analysis of your personal credit score

Experts recommend that you review your credit report regularly. The Identity Theft ShieldSM makes it easy.

Continuous Credit Monitoring
Suspicious activity will be brought to your attention, providing you with early detection.
You’ll receive prompt notice if the credit repository (Experian) is notified that:
• New accounts have been opened in your name
• Derogatory notations have been added to your credit report
• Public records have been added to your report
• Inquiries have been made against your report
• A change of address has been requested

After you enroll, they will mail your membership materials to you. This benefit is available to you after you complete a “Consumer Report and Monitoring Authorization Form” provided in your membership materials or you may call 1-800-654-7757 after your membership is processed by Pre-Paid Legal.

Identity Restoration
Coverage begins as of your membership effective date. Identity theft can be devastating, and the process of restoring your name can be overwhelming and costly. You need more than “do it yourself” information if it happens to you.

With the Identity Theft ShieldSM a trained expert will take the steps to help restore your name and credit for you!

Kroll’s Licensed Investigators will work on your behalf to help correct identity theft issues you have with affected agencies and institutions, including: credit card companies, financial institutions, all three credit repositories, Federal Trade Commission, Social Security Administration, Department of Motor Vehicles, U.S. Postal Service, law enforcement personnel and other organizations that may be affected.

Fraud alert notifications will be sent on your behalf to all three credit repositories, Social Security administration, Federal Trade Commission, U.S. Postal Service and affected credit card companies and financial institutions.

Proactive searches of applicable local and national databases will be made on your behalf to look for information you may not be aware of, including: criminal activity in your name in your county’s records and certain federal watch lists, Department of Motor Vehicle records in your state, unknown addresses affiliated with your name, and banking activity in your name reported as fraudulent.

To apply for Identity Theft Shield, please visit any of our 3 convenient locations. Or download, print and mail the application to:

First Bank
Attn: Administrative Assistant
5625 Mills Civic Parkway
West Des Moines, IA 50266-5324


EXCLUSIONS: Legal Remedy - Any Stolen Identity Event where the victim is unwilling to prosecute the person who caused the victim to suffer the fraud or its consequences. Dishonest Acts - Any dishonest, criminal, malicious or fraudulent acts, if the Member(s) that suffered the fraud personally participated in, directed or had knowledge of such acts. Financial Loss - Membership Services do not cover any financial losses attributed to the Stolen Identity Event, including but not limited to, money stolen from a wallet, unauthorized purchases of retail goods or services online, by phone, mail or direct. Pre-existing Stolen Identity Event Limitations - If either the victim had knowledge of, or reasonably should have had knowledge of, the pre-existing stolen identity event based on information provided to them prior to enrollment in the Identity Theft Shield program, such an event or the consequences caused by it are not covered. Business - A covered stolen identity event does not include the theft or unauthorized or illegal use of their business name, DBA or any other method of identifying their business activity.